Whispering Wind White Tail - She is Calling (beckoning). She cares for the below and seeks the highest. She is the unseen comfort of the loving embrace. The Green person manifests the House of God and Inspires Sanctuary.

Peaceful Wisdom Prayer

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Pyromancy (Fire)

Another form of scrying, divination by fire, or pyromancy. Many diviners find it easier than, say, crystal-scrying, due to the natural, relaxed, and cozy state induced by the presence of warm fire.

Fire diviners use three separate elements to interpret future events: visions seen in the fire itself, those discerned in the smoke, and, finally, visions seen in the ash. Others are still another persuasion swear by the accuracy of those shapes seen hovering in the chimney and grate corners, behind the fire itself.

There are those who will object~insisting that all fires are yellow and orange~ yet anyone who has attempted fire-scrying knows that there are dimensions of color in flame and smoke that go far beyond that kind of protest. Some fire-scryers even insist that a fire gives one the added perspective of seeing oneself in the visions provided by the flames.

Warriors of the Earth

Valley So Pure

Whispering Wind's Heart Song

Whispering (green person) through me, the sun had sunk and the day
has dawned the love of my heart has come home. But what will I do when the sun doesn't rise, when men don't know of their dreams. I have come to hold each and every one of you, but still you do not understand, my heart is belonging to you, my embrace. For I have the valley so pure, here along the shore is blessed and pure. The wave that undulate for sure. I have to say lovely. I'll stay for awhile and have a party and dance. So if you don't mind I have come home to you. We can dream once more, all we have to do, is say hello. When my heart greets your heart of you, it is always the kindness that leads us the way. It's only the pure and the sure, for it is the many who need this always, the embrace, the valley so pure. So my deer, my white tail, I gift to you to tell all the world you have come this way. We have many a days, when embrace will be dear, the embrace that we know of always.

Heart Song Sung (above) and Singing Reply (below) from White Buffalo Calf Woman,
your Twin Deer Mother
So my heart is knowing that I love you too, we have so much to do, but one thing is knowing, we are the pure. The pure of the blue of you and me. We bless the sacred pool. We bless all that flows, the flower that opens and unfolds, where dreams come alive. When embrace of love is known. Where dreams give birth to our wings. Where dreams give birth to our wings.
Aho, may your spirit fly!

Warriors of the Earth
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